Terms & Conditions

Security Connect Cart operates as a supplier of both third-party and in-house developed IoT products. Security Connect Cart serves as their e-commerce platform, facilitating the introduction and sale of these products. This e-commerce portal is primarily based in the United States and accepts orders via email, mail, or toll-free phone number.

Clients Information

The information you provide on the SecurityConnectCart website or via email is kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with any third parties, unless you have explicitly shared it within your personal network. We prioritize the privacy of our clients and do not outsource your shared information. It’s important to note that while we take every precaution to protect your data, there is a possibility that third parties may access it, and in such cases, SecurityConnectCart will not be held responsible in any way.The information you provide on the PS Security Kart.com website or via email is kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with any third parties, unless you have explicitly shared it within your personal network. We prioritize the privacy of our clients and do not outsource your shared information. It’s important to note that while we take every precaution to protect your data, there is a possibility that third parties may access it, and in such cases, SecurityConnectCart will not be held responsible in any way.

Information on Our Website

We strive to provide accurate information and make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the products displayed on our website. However, we do not guarantee that product descriptions or other content will be error-free or complete. Prices and promotions are subject to change and may differ from those listed on our website. The availability and price of an item cannot be guaranteed until you place your order. Despite our best efforts, there may be instances where an item on our website is unavailable, an offer is misstated, or an item is mispriced. In such cases, we reserve the right to cancel your order or reach out to you for further assistance.


To make payments for our products and services on SecurityConnectCart, you may be required to enter your credit card details and other relevant information directly on our secure web portal. Please note that we will never request your personal information through phone calls or email communication. Like many other companies, SecurityConnectCart may utilize third-party payment gateways to securely process the card information you provide.

Paying for Your Order

Your payment will be processed when we ship the item to you. Please note that we may also preauthorize the order amount with your credit card, credit account, or debit card issuer at the time of placing the order, which could temporarily impact your available credit. If you choose to pre-order with a debit card, we will debit your card when the pre-order is placed. In the case of special delivery items, your payment method will be charged when you confirm the delivery time.

Order Confirmation

Our order confirmation serves as acknowledgment of your order but does not signify our unconditional acceptance of it. We retain the right to either accept or decline your order for any reason, even after confirming it. If we opt to reject, alter, or limit your order in any way, we will promptly notify you via the email address or phone number you have provided. In the event that we need to cancel an order or a portion of an order for which you’ve already been charged, we will promptly refund the full amount for the canceled portion of the order.

What We Collect

Information you give us

We collect and store information you provide through our website

The information we collect from you includes things like:

Mailing address
E-mail address
Phone number
Credit card number and other payment information


Google’s advertising requirements can be summed up by Google’s Advertising Principles. They are put in place to provide a positive experience for users. https://support.google.com/adwordspolicy/answer/1316548?hl=en We have not enabled Google Ad Sense on our site but we may do so in the future.

California Online Privacy Protection Act

CalOPPA, the pioneering state law in the United States, mandates that commercial websites and online services must display a privacy policy. This regulation extends its influence far beyond California, requiring any individual or company within the United States (and potentially worldwide) that operates websites collecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from California consumers to prominently feature a privacy policy on their website. This policy should explicitly detail the information being gathered and the entities or organizations with which it is shared.

As per CalOPPA, we commit to the following:

  1. Anonymous Website Visits: Users can explore our site without disclosing their identity.

  2. Prominent Privacy Policy Link: Once our privacy policy is established, we will include a link to it on our homepage or, at the very least, on the first significant page users encounter upon entering our website.

  3. Notice of Privacy Policy Changes: Users will receive notifications of any changes made to our Privacy Policy.

  4. Personal Information Modification: Users can update their personal information through two methods:

    • By contacting us via phone.
    • By reaching out to us through email.

How Does Our Site Respond to “Do Not Track” Signals?

  • We respect and adhere to “Do Not Track” signals. When a user’s web browser activates a “Do Not Track” (DNT) mechanism, we do not deploy cookies or engage in advertising that tracks their behavior.

Does Our Site Permit Third-Party Behavioral Tracking?

  • It is noteworthy that we permit third-party behavioral tracking on our site.

COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act)

When it comes to gathering personal information from children under the age of 13, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) places parents in charge. The COPPA Rule is enforced by the Federal Trade Commission, the United States’ consumer protection agency, and it outlines the responsibilities of website and online service operators in safeguarding children’s online privacy and security.

We do not actively target children under the age of 13 as our audience.

Do we allow third parties, such as ad networks or plugins, to collect personally identifiable information (PII) from children under 13?

Fair Information Practices

The Fair Information Practices Principles serve as the foundation of privacy regulations in the United States and have significantly influenced the development of data protection laws globally. Understanding these principles and how they should be put into practice is crucial for complying with various privacy laws that safeguard personal information.

To align with the Fair Information Practices, we will take the following actions in response to a data breach:

  1. We will promptly notify you via email within 7 business days.

  2. We will also notify you via phone call within 7 business days.

Additionally, we uphold the Individual Redress Principle, which grants individuals the right to pursue legal remedies against data collectors and processors who violate the law. This principle ensures that individuals not only have enforceable rights against those who use their data but also have access to courts or government agencies to investigate and take legal action against non-compliant data processors.

CAN-SPAM Act Compliance

The CAN-SPAM Act is a legislation designed to regulate commercial email communications. It establishes specific requirements for such messages, grants recipients the right to opt out of receiving emails, and enforces stringent penalties for violations.

We collect your email address for the following purposes:

  1. Sending information, responding to inquiries, and addressing requests or questions.
  2. Processing orders and providing updates related to orders.
  3. Sending additional information pertinent to the products we offer.

To ensure compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act, we commit to the following:

  1. We will not use deceptive subjects or email addresses in our messages.
  2. Our advertisements will be clearly identified as such in a reasonable manner.
  3. We will include our business or site’s physical address in our communications.
  4. If we use third-party email marketing services, we will monitor their compliance.
  5. We will promptly honor and process opt-out/unsubscribe requests.
  6. We will provide users with an easy way to unsubscribe by including a link in each email.

Security and Account Responsibility

You are entirely responsible for safeguarding your account and password and for controlling access to your account. You must keep your account credentials confidential and refrain from sharing them with others.

Protection of Proprietary Rights

All content, including information, data, photographs, videos, and typefaces, is protected by copyright, trademark, patent, or other proprietary rights. These rights are valid and safeguarded in all forms. You may not alter or remove any copyright, trademark, or proprietary notice contained in any content you use. Additionally, you are not allowed to copy, modify, delete, scrape, frame, add to, publish, engage in the transfer or sale, create derivative works from, or in any way exploit any content, whether in whole or in part.


Both you and PS Security Kart.com mutually agree that any dispute or claim arising from these terms or related to any products sold by PS Security Kart.com, including matters concerning product advertising, sales practices, delivery, installation, and communication between you and PS Security Kart.com, will be resolved through binding arbitration rather than through traditional court proceedings. Please note that disputes and claims falling within the jurisdiction of a small claims court are exempt from this dispute resolution provision as long as they are pursued on an individual basis.


Any warranty associated with a product sold by us is provided by the manufacturer of that product. PS Security Kart.com is not liable for any damage resulting from your use of any product purchased from SecurityConnectCart This section’s limitations do not restrict or exclude liability in cases of personal injury or property damage caused by a product acquired from our website.

Links to Third-Party Websites

SecurityConnectCart includes links to third-party websites (“Third-Party Sites”) for your convenience. These links are solely intended to facilitate access to Third-Party Sites and serve no other purpose.

Links to Other Websites

Our websites feature links to other websites, many of which have their own privacy policies. Please make sure to review the privacy policy of the specific website you are visiting.

Social Media Features

Our website offers various ways to interact and share content through social media, including features like the Facebook “Like” button and the “Share This” button. These social media features may be hosted by a third party or directly on our website, and your interactions with them are governed by the privacy policy of the social media company providing the feature. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy or practices, please contact us at info@securityconnectcart


SecurityConnectCart is an independent online platform for the sale of desktops, laptops, tablets, peripherals, and software. All images and logos are used for representational purposes only. Products purchased from SecurityConnectCart are directly supported by their respective brands. We strictly adhere to the FTC’s Mail, Internet, or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule to ensure consumer protection. PS Security Kart.com is an independent e-commerce web portal specializing in various antivirus products. All products listed on the website consist of legitimate licenses obtained from authorized partners of the respective brands. SecurityConnectCart hereby disclaims any association or affiliation with the products or subscriptions available on our website, as these items are also accessible on the brand owners’ websites. Our buying and refund policies are clearly outlined on our website.